For over thirty years, Peter Grand, Inc., has collaboratively designed and built powerful database systems, dynamic intranets, and distinctive websites for businesses of all sizes — from the world's largest communications companies to the smallest boutique literary agencies and public relations firms.

Please explore the numerous PGI sites and programs featured here, including the latest and most advanced software for Literary Agencies: The Literary Agent's Expert System

The PGI client list includes many of the world's largest media outlets, most prestigious publishers, public relations firms, literary agencies, universities, ethical investment services, non-profits and many others.

PGI uses the most advanced, platform independent software, web and database tools. Interested in details and talking tech?

The key PGI strategy is careful listening and, as always, continuous support and availability.

I invite you to explore our many successful collaborations — database systems, intranets, websites — designed to minimize time and effort keeping your data current and your online content fresh!

You can contact Peter Grand at 914-576-9418